The Father

He is passionated by arts since 40 years.
He started in the 70’ at St Ouen’s flea market.

During the 80’ he settled in the Caribbean and worked with customers world wide.

Specialized in antique jewelery, he worked with Sotheby’s New York for Art Deco and jewels sales.

Always ahead of an idea in the 90’ he creates Noé l’antiquaire du vin , and was the first antique french wine dealer.

In 2010 he Feld the gold rush and opens Maison Lagadic in Quimper, France.

47 years of passion buy art and antiques, he can expertise : jewelery, rare objects, painting and old millésime …

Expert in succession expertise for an equal share, without sales taxe nor delay.


We united our knowledge and created our company in 2006 

Les Flibustiers des Île Perlières 

That we could translate: The Buccaneers of the Pearl Islands. 

In April 2014 we opened in the heart of Paris VII, at a glance from the Eiffel Tower, our Boutique dedicated to antique jewels.

The Daughter

Was initiated to Tahitian pearl in French Polynesia, and found the inspiration
to create her jewelry line in Paris Les flibustiers des îles perlières .

The purest Tahitian pearls are married with gold and diamonds.

The Baroques are mounted on leathers, silk, organza...

Inspired by the shape, the luster and the color of the pearls selected in the pacific islands, each creation is one of a piece.

Multicolored choker, blue degrade earrings, graphic necklaces, and gold charms.

Her jewels shows the whole range color that the Tahitian pearls naturally has.